Where is bali on a world map

“I don’t know Indonesia but I know Bali” is often expressed by some people talking  about Bali. Do you know exactly where is Bali on a world map ? How does it relate to Indonesia? If you have no ideas, check the following information out.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. During the period of 2007 to 2017, more than 35 million people had visited Bali. The number of tourists increases every year. Based on official data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Bali Province, it shows that Bali is a favorite place to be visited by tourists from various countries. Bali becomes so attractive because of many factors.  

Seasons in Bali

Located close to the equator, Bali has tropical climate. It means Bali has only two seasons in one year, namely the rainy and dry seasons (summer). However, summer is the best time to visit Bali since the beaches and the sunbeams are more enjoyable in this season. It is also the perfect time to exploring Bali, such as visiting more sightseeing spots and having a day trip and tour.


Bali is also known as the Island of the Gods. This is because the majority of Balinese are Hindus. Hinduism in Bali has existed since the first century AD. This is proved by the discovery of the Ganesha and Shiva statues found on the island of Panaitan. Balinese people can are open to foreign people and different culture coming in through the tourism sector. For this reason, tourists can enjoy the Balinese atmosphere like when they are in their own country. It is no wonder that Bali be one of popular tourist destination for people from different countries and cultures.

Various choices of tourist destinations

Bali has various tourist destinations and attractions such as beaches, hills, waterfalls, temples, traditional markets, culinary tours,  religious ceremonies, traditional dancing shows, and many more. These miscellaneous choices makes tourists can get a lot of traveling experiences on only one island.

Living cost

The living cost in Bali is very varied. Tourists can choose to stay in a 5-star hotel or in affordable rental homes. The cost of food is also cheap because almost all ingredients taste locally sourced or from Java. For this reason, Bali is a favorite tourist destination because tourists can linger in Bali at an affordable cost.

Then, with the various information above, where is Bali on a world map? The following information will answer that question.

Bali is actually only one of 34 provinces in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago country located in the Southeast Asia region. The location of Indonesia is very strategic because it is located between two continents, namely Asia and Australia. The location of Indonesia can be seen from the map as follows.

Where is bali on a world map :
Bali island, which is part of Indonesia, is in the central part of Indonesia.

The island is located between two islands in Indonesia, namely Java and Lombok. Java is the main and most advanced island in Indonesia. The nation’s capital, the economic and political center is on this island.

The appearance of the island of Bali can be seen more clearly  from the following picture.

Based on the various information above, you can find out the answer  to the question where is Bali on a world map. Bali is located in Indonesia between Java and Lombok Island.