Is Japan in Asia?

Japan is one of the interesting countries to visit. Its nature, histories, and cultures are wonderful things to be explored by tourists. In short, Japan is worth a visit to spend your holidays.

Then, where exactly is the Japanese country? Is Japan in Asia? Africa or Australia? The following explanation will help you find the answer.

Japan is often called the Land of the Rising Sun. This is because it is geographically located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

is Japan in Asia : Pasific Ocean from Japan

Being in a country facing directly to the Pacific Ocean makes Japan a country that is a symbol of eastern world culture, a culture that has become the antithesis of liberal western culture. Then where is Japan actually? Is Japan in Asia? Let’s look at it from a geographical overview.

Japan is not directly neighboring to other countries. It is surrounded by oceans, namely the Pacific Ocean to the east, Sea of Japan to the west, East China Sea to the south, and Sea of Okhots to the north. The countries closest to Japan are Korea in the west and Russia in the north.

is Japan in Asia : Japan on Map
is Japan in Asia : Japan between Asian Countries

Japan consists of more than 3000 islands with 4 main islands, they are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Being far from the equator, Japan has four seasons, namely autumn, winter, spring, and summer. However, the southern part of Japan has a subtropical climate. It means that there is no snow during the winter in the southern part of Japan.

Japan is one of the developed countries in the world. The Japanese automotive industry is among the largest in the world. Famous brands of motorcycles and cars from Japan such as Honda, Yamaha, Daihatsu, Toyota, Datsun and Mitsubishi are used by people all over the world. Japan’s automotive industry is number one in Asia alongside China and India.

Besides in the automotive industry, Japan also has many achievements in the field of sports. Japan won the Asian Games championship for 8 times in 19 of the events. Japan is also the representative of the Asian continent which is often in the top 10 champions in the Olympics.

In the economic field, Japan has the third largest economic power in Asia after China and India.

Based on these information describing the location of Japan, it answers the question is Japan in Asia? And the answer is that Japan is in the Asian continent, more precisely that of eastern Asia.