Is India part of Asia?

Have you ever heard about Bollywood, Sahrukh Khan, and Taj Mahal? What comes to your mind when you hear those words? India? Yes, they cannot be released from the country of India. Then where exactly is India? Is India part of Asia? Europe? America or another? To find out, see the following explanation.

Is India part of Asia: Taj Mahal of India

It is interesting to talk about India because it is unique in some way. The first is about its population. India is the second largest country after China. The population census in 2011 informed that the population of India was 1.2 billion. With the large number of people, it is possible to provides a high quality of human resources. It is proved by India’s progress in many fields, such as automotive industry, nuclear engineering, and space science. Besides the rapid population, India also become the seventh largest area in the world. This large area is providing natural resources not only to support the people’s needs but also to be exported to other countries. This map of India shows how wide India is.

Is India part of Asia: India at the globe

Based on the map, India is quite large so that sometimes it looks like a continent. However, India is not a continent. India is included in one part of the existing continent. What continent is that? Is India part of Asia? or another continent? To find out the answer, let’s continue the discussion about India.

India is the 7th largest country in the world with an area of ​​3287263 square kilometers, stretching as far as 3214 km from north to south and 2933 km from east to west. The length of the land line is along 15200 km with a coastline length of 7516.6 km.

India shares land border with some countries.  India borders Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east while Bhutan, Nepal, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the north. On the west and south, India is bordered by the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean. The only country in the south is Sri Lanka. The picture below illustrate the details.

Is India part of Asia: India at Asia Continent

Based on the information and also the map, it can be seen that India bounded by many countries in the Asian continent, from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia. Now, there will be no more question about  Is India part of Asia ? for it is clear that India is a part of Asia.