Best time of the year to visit Iceland

Traveling to Iceland has become a dream for many people. Located very close to the North Pole, Iceland has its own attraction to tourists. Then, when is the best time of the year to visit Iceland ? To get the right moment of visiting Iceland, you need to know about the seasons there and how Iceland would be in each season. See the following  illustrations.  


Spring comes after winter in April to May. At this time, it will possibly be snowing, although a little. The average temperature at the beginning of the season is around 0-6 degrees Celsius, while in May the temperature rises to around 6-10 degrees Celsius. Green panorama is a strong attraction during spring in Iceland. The weather that begins to warm is also enjoyable. If you love such atmosphere, spring is the best time of the year to visit Iceland.

Best time of the year to visit Iceland : Spring time in Iceland


After the spring ends, all the snow melt and the sun appears constantly.  So it is time for summer in Iceland. This season starts in June to September. At the beginning of summer, the temperature is not much different from at the end of spring. The average temperature in the capital of Iceland (Reykjavik) is around 6-10 degrees Celsius, while it reaches a peak in July and August at an average temperature of 8-18 degrees Celsius. There is no ice or snow on the roads in summer, so the transportation will be safe and easier. Summer also makes you able to enjoy all the beautiful landscape in this country perfectly. At night, you can see “midnight sun”, a condition where the sun is shining until midnight. This summer, Icelanders usually enjoy  4-week- summer holidays between July and August. For those who want to exploring many destinations in Iceland  with friendlier weather and enjoy the “midnight sun” atmosphere, the end of summer is the best time of the year to visit Iceland.

Best time of the year to visit Iceland : Spring time in Iceland


Autumn comes after summer. This season starts from September to November. Entering the fall, the sun starts moving to the south. The weather is getting colder and the night will be as long as the day. In the northen sky, you can search a magnificent light phenomenon called “aurora”. If you are attracted to the beauty of aurora in Iceland, autumn is the best time of the year to visit Iceland.


Winter in Iceland will give memorable moments for you because of its uniqueness. Even though it is full of snow, the temperature is not as extreme as the temperature in Vladivostok, New York, and Alaska. Surrounded by the sea makes winter in Iceland warmer than in other regions . Besides, Icelandic winter give you a exotic view where caves covered by ice. Exploring the ice caves will be one unforgetable experience in your life. Having interests in ice cave adventures, you should come to Iceland in the winter from November to March,  because that time is the best time of the year to visit Iceland.

Every seasons in Iceland has its own beauty . You can choose whenever you want to travel there, whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or  winter. You just have to make schedules and plans making sure your travelling will be fabulous. Have a nice vacation in Iceland!